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Masala Medical Repatriation

The Masala Travel Company is a specialist company in terms of medical repatriation as well as for all your medical requirements in Goa.  We have contact with the best dentists, doctors and hospitals in the state to suit all your medical and cosmetic needs, whilst maintaining a professional yet friendly and confidential approach.

The Masala Travel Company is a one-stop-shop for all your medical and non-medical repatriation needs worldwide.

Tickets can be issued and set up straight away and time permitting, Should medical clearance need to be applied for, we will inform you of a realistic time scale that we would expect in order for the passenger to be cleared for travel. The Masala Travel Company will always offer options of low cost fares. The cost, of course, depends on the booking classes that are available at the time. You are also welcome to book at your end and provide us with the locators with an authority to ticket.
Likewise we can issue tickets from any city in India to anywhere in the world or vice versa.

Medical Cases:
We have staff who are fully trained with all matters involving passengers with special needs. This is particularly important when dealing with complex repatriations. Our staff know all rules regarding stretchers on different carriers, which types of aircraft will accept a Stretcher, which carriers can confirm oxygen within a short period of time, and also ensure that the Medical Escorts are well looked after.
The Masala Travel Company will use its experience in this field to assist your company to provide the most efficient and cost effective Assistance possible.

Medical Clearance:
The Masala Travel Company will apply for medical clearance on behalf of your company where required .Our staff have a full understanding of airline procedures and will aim to get your medical clearance as quickly as possible to ensure that the repatriations take place at the earliest opportunity. We will also get the medical forms filled by the treating Doctor and complete all necessary procedures.

The Masala Travel Company can provide AC and Non AC car transfers as well as ambulances all over India.

Medical escort:
The Masala Travel Company has well qualified medical escorts based in Goa who escort patients very regularly to Europe.

Visa renewals:
In the event that due to circumstances your client is not able to travel on his date as planned, and his visa expires, The Masala Travel Company have reasonable contacts with the foreign and home offices as well as immigration authorities to manage visa extensions.

We can arrange for accommodation, for either the client or escort, at decent starred hotels in any of the major cities. The Masala Travel Company has special rates for major hotels in major cities.

Non - Medical Emergencies:
In the event of a passenger requiring emergency assistance such as in the case of theft or assault, we at The Masala Travel Company can assist as required, such as by organising an advance of funds.

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